Airmar Home; Transducer Index. Airmar B45 Transducers; Airmar B60 Transducers; Airmar B75 CHIRP Transducers; Airmar B117 Depth Transducers; Airmar B150M CHIRP Transducers; Airmar B164 1kW Transducers; Airmar B175 CHIRP Transducers; ... The B45 is Airmar's smallest and most economical, dual-frequency, bronze, stem transducer. Its str.. Airmar B260 50/200 kHz. Compatibility) standard 2017 About this manual This manual is a reference guide for operating a Hook Reveal Series unit. Because of size differences, screenshots of menus and dialogs may not match the look of your unit. These units are only capable of the sonar views and frequencies indicated in the specification included in the transducer’s. "/> male junko x reader; adding.

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